Thursday, 23 June 2011

KOF98UM [NTSC-US] Bonus Disc Videos

Firstly thanks to BlackNoah from for sending me these videos. 

As the title states these are promotional videos from the US PS2 version of KOF98UM.

As cheesey as they may be, i really like the 98UM promotional videos made by Ignition and it's a shame they never made their way over to the PAL version of the game (which received a very limited release...).

It's a real shame Ignition US and SNKP have seemingly parted ways as i thought Ignition's online promotions via their Facebook fanpage for KOFXII was excellent.

I saw quite a few photos and videos of the tournament they held in the US as well for XII, with the delicious Kerry Fistell, it's just a shame Ignition US had to work with an unfinished and poorly received game...Watching the backlash after release from fans on the Facebook page was quite harsh, as i know they tried their best to promote the hell out of the game.

Ignition UK on the other hand never even seemed to bother with promoting XII, i even tried to contact their UK office at one point to ask them if they would be interested to help promote the game with our ranking battles for XII by sending some posters or something but they didn't even bother to reply... :-/

Well anyway at least Ignition seem to be working closely with Data East now, another company whose games i enjoy, and i hope that works out for them.


  1. Actually "publicity" is one of the easiest things to charge for when it comes to enterprise business (this is thanks to those stupid asses from Coca Cola and their silly attitude on the 50s period; they thought that they were making motion pictures famous by having a Coca Cola Can appear on them instead of the obvious choice of "it's other way around"), so every company will more or less "not accept never" an offer for free publicity since that can bite them on the rear later.

    If you contact them, they have to formulate a contract and clauses were you officially and openly commit yourself to not charge anything. And since doing the legal paperwork for contracts is the pits and costs a variable amount of money, even that is that much of a bother to the big shots.

  2. That's the thing that annoys me, it's not like i was really asking them for anything much and i was promoting their game for free anyway :-/

    The European office of Ignition is really bad with marketing and promotions...Half the time i don't even realise a new SNKP has come out until i randomly see one in the shops.

    XII was delayed twice here too, by the time it came out no one cared any more...

    I hope Atlus and whoever publishes in Europe will promote the hell out of XIII.

  3. Also a lot of the companies nowadays engage the fighting game community quite head on and it works out well for them.

    If you see Ono (SF4) or Harada (Tekken)'s twitter feeds they are always replying to their fans.
    And Blazblue has Zen United doing their Facebook page.

    I've seen Atlus' PR person engaging with people on DreamCancel lately though, so hopefully it'll all work out well.