Thursday, 23 June 2011

KOF98UM:FE Matches

A new KOF98UM:FE match was uploaded by Emillll last night, only just had a chance to watch it just now though.

Some really nice play with Lucky in both matches, i've not seen much use of him in Japanese matches so it was refreshing to see.

I do remember reading a tier list a couple of years back where Lucky was considered low tier in the original 98, i'm not quite sure where he is rated in this game, but i always thought he was quite decent in 98.

There used to be a player in the UK with the nickname 'Kensou' who was a really good Lucky player, though unfortunately he no longer plays.

Also as you can imagine with a nickname like Kensou he used Kensou's fireball incredibly well. Almost down to a fine art, where you would jump and almost always he would make you land on his fireball.


  1. Suposedly the Final Edition Lucky is pretty though since he gained a very strong and reliable EX quick max combo that did chunks of damage.

    Speaking of, supposedly the emulation comunity broke the hymen of the vanilla KoF 98 UM that was on the Taito X (not X²). Kinda quick to release the game considering that the dump for XIII was released something like 10 days ago.

  2. I think you see that quick max combo in that vid, looks pretty awesome.

    lol yeah i kinda was wondering whether i should publish this comment as i never wanted to mention the dumps.

    I found the 98UM dump but can't get it to work, apparently even XII is dumped too, and a whole load of other titles that i can't find yet.

    (The new Gouketsuji Ichizoku is the only one i want, since it's looking less and less likely of a port appearing. :()

  3. It depends on when you "got" the dump for the game. The "previous" dump didn't loaded at all, but during this week the chinese released a working dump that managed to launch the game.

    It's the same with XIII, but the working dump already has 2 weeks or something, I think.

  4. Ahh, i found it just yesterday but i don't know if it was the latest dump. I know it refused to boot anyway.

    I'm actually quite interested in the dump for XII though as the arcade version actually has a decent CPU AI compared to the console version.

    I heard XIII was dumped from as early as last year, but only became 'public' recently.