Friday, 10 June 2011

KOF[UK] T-Shirt Designs

When i was doing my degree in Illustration years ago i messed around a bit with screen printing t-shirts but since i don't have the equipment to do it at home i haven't done it since.

After recently seeing the DreamCancel tees it reminded me that i should probably try getting into making t-shirts again so messed around with Photoshop for a bit and came up with the following design.

The actual website StreetShirts i think is kind of expensive (the above design in white would cost about £13 and the grey one was a bit more), but it was a link i was sent by my sister a while ago so i thought i'd try that website out first before looking around at other options.

Why i chose Billy Kane is because i kind of consider him to be the 'mascot' for UK amongst the SNKP characters, i even used his theme in one of the combo videos we made for KOFXII.

This next one i'm actually considering getting made so that i can wear to tournaments. (If i ever get the time and money to go to any more.) The only thing that's putting me off at the moment is it's going to cost £25ish... :-/

The cheaper option is i could always use transfer paper, but when i tried using that before most of it faded as soon as the tee got washed... =_=

Anyway any opinions of the design are welcome, good or bad is ok.

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