Friday, 10 June 2011

KOFXIII - Ash Crimson Combo Video

Was looking for a video i saw quite a while ago with Takuma doing a 100% combo with minimal super bars but in typical Youtube searching fashion i ended up finding something else instead of the video i originally wanted to find...

Not a bad thing though necessarily as i came across OutPhase1984's Youtube channel which has quite a few KOFXIII and various other KOF combo videos.

The one i probably enjoyed watching most was this one of Ash Crimson that he uploaded, as it showcases about 6 minutes worth of combos showing how many bar requirements each one needs.

Although i've seen really long Ash Crimson combos in XIII match videos before i've never really sat down and watched them properly so it was interesting to study this vid.

May well have to learn Ash when XIII comes out as it would be quite funny to catch someone with these stupidly long combos.

Check out OutPhase1984's Youtube channel for more KOFXIII combo vids.

1 comment:

  1. This movie was titled "practical combo movie" and true enough, most of these combos are "copied" from Acho matches, I wouldn't be surprised if someone from the "fluffy team" are involved on this (team that makes combos for KoF XIII and is Acho bound).