Saturday, 18 June 2011

Magical Drop V - Gameplay / Explanation Video

Came across this video today, it's basically showing some of the gameplay of the newest Magical Drop game plus an explanation from Shane Bettenhausen from Ignition about some of the new features in the game as well as some more details of the game in general.

What's interesting to note is that he mentions the possibility/interest of reviving more Data East IPs, which i hope would lead to the possibility of a new Fighters History (or even a HD remake) at some point.

As for the game itself it does look like the artwork is not quite up to the same level of the past titles (though still decent), but since it is going to be a budget release i would say this isn't such a big deal.

The release is stated as possibly coming out on PC (via Steam) as early as September, with the console versions to follow shortly after.

Whilst Ignition seem to have fallen out with SNKP after KOFXII (judging by the fact they are not publishing XIII) it's great to see they are working closely with Data East. 

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