Saturday, 11 June 2011

majijam's KOF02UM Death Combo Movie - Pretty Girl & Women's Team

A new video was uploaded today by majijam, this time featuring the Pretty Girl (Hinako, Xiang Fei, May Lee) and Women's Team (Mai, King, Kasumi).

I kinda thought they changed the latest versions of 02UM so Hinako couldn't hit a turned opponent so many times, though he never actually does the infinite, so was pretty interesting to see those combos.

Also uploaded by DontDropThatCombo is the first of his KOFXIII combo videos, so far he has made two (for Kyo and Daimon), with more to come soon hopefully.


  1. You can drive cancel with Goro from his dp kick throw in the corner (to the Hcf C), he also has his ground pick up and his jumping counter wire CD.

    I haven't tempted to main Goro since 96', where he was very different as he wasn't that overpowered dull walking grappling blackhole that was placed in 97' and 98' (and even had spiritual sequels on every other KoF after that).

  2. I only ever really liked the overpowered 98 daimon xD

    Potentially he looks interesting in XIII, but i still think the grab properties are a bit 'funny' compared to the old games.

  3. xD!

    Btw, looking at the 2002UM vid (for got to do that the last time) I'm pretty sure that the Hinako combo uses the theory from her infinite (which is canceling a command move into itself, the f A, C).

    This isn't supposed to be Tougeki edition, right?

  4. I was thinking that as well but i'm not sure, as i can't remember what her infinite was (aside from opponent back turned and loads of those silly f+button).

    Confusing how there's so many versions of the same game =_=