Sunday, 19 June 2011

Metal Bug (???) Super Vehicle-001 Garage Kit

Yup that's not a typo a company called Metal House is going to be releasing a clone garage/model kit of the Metal Slug tank and according to HobbyFan's product page it will be released at the end of September this year.

I tend to try and avoid bootleg figures/toys as much as possible but for US$24 it actually looks pretty decent and i'm considering ordering one when it's released.

There doesn't seem to be much information out there right now (from what i can find on Google it just takes me to HobbyFan's product page for it), but it seems to be possibly based on the garage kit that was available at the Wonder Festival. (See below photo)

Actually i'm not sure if that one at the Wonder Festival was official either, but at least it was named after the actual game.

Anyway if you wanna preorder it or would like to check out more photos of the kit check out the product page on HobbyFan


  1. Bought two of these kits.
    Sadly I'm really disappointed with the quality of plastic build. Not really good, definitely not gundam quality material.

    Snap fitting parts is a pain in the ass. Parts tend to loose after snap fitting especially the inner parts for the kit. You need super glue to hold it in place.

    Overall i rate it 2/5 product. Price is cheap but also the quality. You need skills to make it look decent enough for display. Not recommended for people with no model kit exp.

  2. That's a shame, they looked pretty good in the photos :(

    Thanks for letting me know!