Wednesday, 15 June 2011

The Mystery Leona Cosplayer

As mentioned in a couple of the previous posts about cosplay (Cure x KOF and Mai Cosplayer) i was trying to find the profile of the Leona cosplayer on the Cure website.

Though i had no luck actively searching for it myself, i even tried browsing through the contest entries, just by pure chance/boredom i decided to watch one of the videos of one of the previous events.

At about 7:55 you can see a cosplayer called 'Usagi' and her Cure page number, since she did a cute cosplay i thought i'd check out her page and BAM it's the Leona cosplayer. \o/

If you check out her Cure page there are a few other SNK cosplays she has done, including Elizabeth and B.Jenet.

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