Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Neo Geo AES Pet Urn ??

Came across this thread on today, and whilst the thread is old it's probably one of the more bizzarre stories i've read relating to the Neo Geo.

A member of the forums dog passed away in 2003, and after cremating it he decided to create an urn out of a Fatal Fury (US) AES cart as his dog's final resting place.

You can read more about it on this webpage, and also there is a scan of an article from FHM regarding the story.


  1. Very cool and interesting send off for the dog! :)

    One small thing though.. the way you have it written it sounds like a member from who goes by the name of "spoonman's dog" passed away in 2003". You may want to change it up a bit.


  2. lol i didn't even think of it like that, i've updated it.

  3. Thanks for the post and positive comments. I am the one who made that many years ago. Bo was an awesome dog and I still miss him quite a lot.

    I don't really associate myself with anymore. They are a pretty hateful bunch, with some exceptions of course. They said some especially hateful things about this. I choose to ignore it and appreciate comments like this from "normal people".