Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Orochinagi Interview with SNKP and Atlus

Gunsmith has just posted up a short interview between himself and Atlus/SNKP.

Amongst the questions asked are regarding netcode, the relationship between Atlus and SNKP, and a little about the content in XIII.

You can check it out here.


  1. Some great news about the netcode.Wanted to ask you one thing if you can help me.Next week i will be getting a neo geo aes.What kind of 110 to 220 transformer would you recommend so i can use it in a european plug?tnx

  2. I use a pretty generic one, it's one i actually got to use with my super famicom, it should technically be able to work in any step down which is able to work with any Japanese console.

    This is a photo of the plug i use.

    I'm not sure about European plugs though, do you use the same voltage as the UK ?

  3. Yes, I have some UK transformers which i plug using a plug adapter.The wall plugs here are different but same voltage.Thanks!

  4. Ahh no probs, enjoy the expensive world of AES xD

  5. Speaking of expensive...i just bought a VLX Premium..i might post a quick review + pics tonight.Expensive is right...but i just want it for kof 98 :D which has a decent price and because i wanted one since i was a kid :))

  6. The shipping cost of those things alone must be alot :-/

    Ahhh yeah, i think all of the KOF games up to 99 are reasonably priced, alot of the games made before then are not too expensive either.