Wednesday, 22 June 2011

PlayAsia - Orochi Saga [Wii] $13 / 98UM [PS2] $15 - NTSC-US

Just noticed on Playasia they are selling the US Wii version of KOF Collection -Orochi Saga- for $13 (About £8) and $4 (£2.50) for shipping, which seems pretty cheap if you don't own these games already.

They also have the PS2 version for slightly more, but i've read on this review i found on Google that the Wii version is slightly better.

They have PS2>GC pad convertors on PlayAsia for those who don't own a stick for the Wii.

Also something else i found quite cheap is the US PS2 version of 98UM for just under $15 (£9), apparently this version came with some kind of bonus disk which was exclusive to the US version. (Containing wallpapers according to the reviews on Playasia.)


  1. I have the us version of 98 UM and that bonus disk is not a big deal :) just some trailer for 12 and 4 cheesy trailers for 98 UM and some wallpapers but nothing special.Inside also there is a folded A4 double sided poster :) ..for some strange reason i put it on my wall with the XII side LOL
    If you want i can upload the contents somewhere and give you a's only 40 mb

  2. Yeah, that'd be cool if you could :)

  3. I've also included a picture of the actual disk :)

  4. Cheers man, i'll check that out now.