Thursday, 2 June 2011

Queen's Gate Spiral Chaos - Retail Bonus Items

Saw this on Andriasang just now, some of the bonus items have been announced for Queen's Gate Spiral Chaos.

To get these you'd have to go to the store which is offering each item and buy the game to get them, meaning unless you live in Japan and buy many copies of the game you won't get them all.

First of the SNKP related ones is a Mai microfiber cloth...(For wiping stuff i guess lol... :-/ )

And the rest are telephone cards of the SamSho girls, though i've never quite understood why games come with telephone cards. There are quite alot of KOF ones, i've tended to avoid collecting them though as they aren't very cheap. (Usually around £5ish.)

There are other bonus items of course, including a pillow case and a bag with a print of a girl who is laying in her own urine(??)... You can check out the rest of those over on Andriasang.

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