Saturday, 18 June 2011

Real Bout 2 - Mai Unblockable

Came across quite an interesting video today on linnesaka's Youtube channel of a video showing an unblockable with Mai in Real Bout 2.

From the video description:

cf. 1:17
Mai's (and Tung's) small jump B is UNBLOCKABLE on the verge of landing , because hitbox appears below opponent's guard-hitbox in stand.
Of course , it's jump attack , so cannot be blocked in crouch.
Only Tung can block this tech in stand.

It's quite good to know since i play Mai in this game, and even better to see someone playing her as i haven't seen many matches with anyone playing her since i started watching Real Bout 2 match videos a month or two ago.

You can check out the actual video here, and of course if you like Real Bout 2 it's worth subscribing to linnesaka's Youtube channel as he has plenty of videos on there and updates fairly frequently.

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