Monday, 6 June 2011

SNK Trading Cards

Was browsing's forums earlier today and came across this post,  where the forum member suicidekiller mentions he had created a website for SNK Trading Cards.

There's a few different ones from various series, though sadly it seems most of these cards seem to use stock art from the games, but they are scanned and uploaded in pretty decent quality.

Personally i prefer the more chibi/SD style cards that were made for some of the older games, Fatal Fury ones i tend to spot quite alot on Yahoo Auctions and occasionally i see some for KOF95. Don't own any of these myself yet though... (See below for example.)

To see the rest of the cards on suicidekiller's site check it out here.


  1. Speaking of trading cards my favorite were always those of Gals Island, for example

    There is this website that had many of them compiled, you should try doing a google image search on ギャルず アイランド and check them out. It has bonus points for having cards about Rosa from Undercover cops, har har har.

  2. I never knew they made trading cards for Gals Island, i was actually looking up the books on Yahoo Auction recently.

    They still run a feature on it in Arcadia, only 2 or so pages per magazine though.