Sunday, 31 July 2011

KOFXIII Tournament @ SVB20XI

Gunsmith has just posted up details regarding the KOFXIII tournament that will be held at this year's SVB over on Orochinagi.

It will be a single elimination tournament and first prize will be £300!!

You can check out full details over on Orochinagi.

Saturday, 30 July 2011

Re-vamp the KOF02UM Videos / KOFXIII Videos

A continuation of the set of Re-Vamp the KOF 02UM videos has been uploaded by SMOAI2010.

まくべすの代打 VS パッツァ勢とカス

まくべすの代打 (ゆーや うずまき せんちゃん)
パッツァ勢とカス(ナオキ バター ノビ)

ピクニックだし(ピク27 ピク28 ピク29)     VS  
一応バーサス勢(そん MOA KANA)

Cブロック3回戦 その2
THE老害 VS パッツァ勢とカス

THE老害   (大御所 ガンピ 書記)
パッツァ勢とカス (ナオキ バター ノビ)

準決勝 AブロックVSBブロック その2

ピクニックだし (ピク27 ピク28 ピク29)
戦場のピアニスト@カスタムぅ(M´  ナルト じゃむ子)

 準決勝 CブロックVSDブロック その2
THE 98UMFE勢(少年 ねこ ZEN)
THE老害 (大御所 ガンピ 書記)

第2回 Re-vamp The KOF2002UM 団体決勝戦! その1
ピクニックだし(ピク27 ピク28 ピク29)
THE老害 (大御所 書記 ガンピ)

And also some KOFXIII videos.

Shiranui Mai Bootleg Figure

As i mentioned previously i bought the Max Factory 1/6 Scale Shiranui Mai figure for fairly cheap from eBay recently, it arrived yesterday and turns out my post buying concern about it being a bootleg came true.

Not too sure why i never gave it a second thought about it being a bootleg, as i'm usually quite careful about these things, but i'll just accept it as my loss.

The figure, although looks similar to the original, has a very cheap overall look to it.
Firstly the skin tone between the figure's body is slightly different between the top and bottom halves, the legs are slightly darker, and slightly shinier compared to a quality made figure.

I'm not sure if any of you guys collect figures but there's a fairly distinctive look to bootleg figures, where the paint and quality of plastic looks of a lower quality, and this one fits the mould. (No pun intended.)

Even simple things like the pegs at the base of the figure do not even insert correctly into the figure's feet...

It was a little disappointing, more than anything i'm more disappointed in myself for getting tricked by a bootleg, though at least i can have it on display and not worry too much about it becoming smoke stained like my other figures have. xD

The thing that was most silly about buying it was that i'm actually aware of bootlegs of this figure, after having seen one in Hong Kong a couple of years back, but at least it was a lesson to stay more alert to bootlegs in the future.

Anyway i've taken some photos of the figure, and hopefully it'll help others out there from avoiding bootlegs of this.

Friday, 29 July 2011

Atlus KOFXIII Website Updated / US Preorder CD

Atlus has updated the US website for KOFXIII with some of updates the Japanese website received yesterday, it's not quite as up to date but for now you can check out Saiki and Flame Iori's move lists.

You can check that out here

I also got an e-mail from their mailing list regarding the pre-order bonus CD, which i'm hoping will make it's way to the UK also. If not i'll probably ask my cousin to help me import it...

[Edit]: Just got my cousin to preorder me the PS3 version from GameStop in the US, roll on October \o/

KOF02UM - Re-Vamp / KCE Videos

Another set of Re-Vamp the KOF02UM videos has been uploaded by SMOAI2010, along with some new KCE videos.

Quite a funny ending to the first match of the Re-Vamp vids.

ピクニックだし VS 格ゲー最強神

ピクニックだし(ピク27 ピク28 ピク29)
格ゲー最強神 (キャップ デ様 ポンザマン

僕と契約して指定の口座にお金を振り込んでよ♪ vs N・N・I
僕と契約s(ry (ハマ☆タイ フクチソ Key)
N・N・I    (NYO のそみ インフィニティ)

KOFXIII Console Version @ SVB20XI

Gunsmith has just posted up some small details about having the console version of KOFXIII at this year's SVB over on Orochinagi.

Thanks to Yen Hau from Rising Star Games, we will have a European exclusive – RSG will be bringing the console beta build of XIII to SVB 2011 for entrants to try out! More details soon, but we are discussing a winner stays on free play session or a beginner’s tournament, much like we did at Ultimate Clash Xtreme.

[Edit]: Also check out the post on NeoEmpire.

Thats correct…. an early playable console build of King of Fighters XIII on XBOX 360 will be at Super VS Battle 20XI, provided by European publisher Rising Star Games.

Don’t miss out on the chance to play King of Fighters XIII months before its scheduled console release date.

EX Iori/DLC, Combo Training, Colour Edit, Screenshots, etc...

A load of screenshots have been uploaded on Andriasang showing the in-game cutscenes, menus, colour edit mode, amongst other things.

It's interesting to note the combo trial mode from the iPhone version of KOF-i has made it over to the console port also.

Worth noting is the home console version Official Website has updated with news of the flame version Iori who will be arriving as a DLC character.

Translating the page with Google Translate:

Jump to online stores in the PlayStation ® Store / Xbox LIVE ® Marketplace from within the game, you can buy additional content directly to the various serving up the game even more. Custom themes (wallpapers) Gamers and icons, you can download the BGM additional stages and characters.

Another thing is judging by the website that it seems this game will have a story mode judging by the Story section of the website, where it looks like you can select routes through the game. 

Check out Andriasang and the Home Console website for more details. 

[Edit]: Just saw on Dreamcancel's forums posted by SAB-CA, the official Japanese trailer which is extended compared to the one released yesterday by RSG.

You can catch a tiny glimpse of Flame Iori at the end.

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Saiki HD Combos

THEANSWER has uploaded some short HD combo videos on to his Youtube channel, one of them being an 100% combo, you can also catch a glimpse of his NeoMax.


THEANSWER has been uploading a load of photos from the console build of KOFXIII on to his Twitter page, some of the more interesting ones so far.

I'm not quite sure whether that is actually Kusanagi or a costume for the regular Kyo, but stay tuned to his Twitter feed for more. He also mentions nerfs to Elisabeth, and longer charge times for Raiden's dropkick.

KOF-i - Mai Shiranui Dialogue VS Women Fighters Team

Another set of KOF-i Dialogues with Mai versus the Women Fighters Team.

In regards to the dialogue between Mai and Yuri, i'm not quite sure why they are talking about giving each other medical check ups...But i'm sure it's something i'd like to watch. (^_~)

Mai Versus King:

Mai Versus Mai:

Mai Versus Yuri:

RisingStarGames - Official KOFXIII Trailer (NEW STAGES!!)

Something i missed on first glance on the RSG official KOFXIII website is this new trailer showing off what i think may be the console intro movie, and you can catch a small glimpse of some of the new stages.

One thing i did notice in the video is the Kyokugendo gym stage the background looks static...I hope that this is just an early in development version of the stage, as it would be a shame for the background to be static.

Also notice one of the new stages looks like it might possibly be Adelheid's stage???

[Edit]: Also special thanks to Evil Yagami for pointing out the trailer to me!

RisingStarGames Opens Official KOFXIII Website

RisingStarGames has now opened up an official site for KOFXIII, which finally confirms the publisher for Europe, however no set release date other than a vague Winter 2011.

RisingStarGames have also published Samurai Shodown Sen in the past so it seems they are happily continuing to work with SNKP.

A good thing about this is that RSG tend to always have a booth at events like the MCM Expo, with the next one in October, hopefully they will have some sort of public event there to the lead up to release.

Also worth checking out is the background image, which i believe is all new artwork (at least i haven't seen it before), it would be great to see something this nice on the final boxart.

Anyway check out the RSG website for more details.

KOF02UM - VERSUS - 25/7/11

Another week has gone by and another set of 02UM videos uploaded by SMOAI2010 from VERSUS.



Wednesday, 27 July 2011

KOF-i - Mai Shiranui Dialogue VS Team K'

It's been a couple of days since i've done any dialogue posts (i've been really tired from work and selling on eBay lately), so thought i'd better start off doing the Mai Shiranui dialogues.

First off we're starting with Team K'.

Mai Versus Maxima:

Mai Versus K':

Mai Versus Kula: