Thursday, 21 July 2011

Athena Stages 1, 2 (Big Athena Trick)

Spent about an hour playing Athena today trying to figure it out and i'm finally starting to make it up to the first boss fairly consistently.

Unfortunately this seems to be about as far as i can work out the game so far, so i went off to GameFAQs to see if there were any guides...Sadly none...So i checked out Youtube instead and found this playthrough video from Youtube user ChangeV of stages 1 and 2.

It also includes a secret which allows Athena to increase in size and gain a flaming sword.

If you check out ChangeV's channel you can also find a playthrough of stages 1-3 for the NES version of the game.

I'd probably recommend trying to figure out the game before watching this video though, as knowing all of the secrets right away may spoil your enjoyment of the game a bit.


  1. Thanks very much for providing this link! I bought this as soon as it went live yesterday, and though I want to continue my infuriation for a couple more days, it's nice to know that when I surrender, this is available.

  2. No probs, other than the steep difficulty how are you finding it so far?

  3. Oh, I've enjoyed it quite a bit- I'm a fan of the character, so I'd bought it on that after reading about it on your blog, but after playing a bit with the NES and C64 ports, I wasn't expecting much at all. It's still not the best game I've ever played, and I'd like the controls to be a little steadier, particularly with the winged sandals power-up, but I think the tiered power-up system is an interesting experiment and, for the most part, have had fun playing it. For three dollars, it also wasn't a bad deal at all, so I'm hoping to see Psycho Soldier pop up as one of these minis soon, too.

  4. Ah yeah it definitely feels like an old game with the controls.

    I reckon they'll release Psycho Soldiers soon enough, there's still i think half the games from the SNK Classics 0 to release.