Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Athena / Street Smart - 1 Credit Clear, No Miss

Came across these two videos randomly last night a player called Janet has completed Athena and Street Smart (amongst other games) with no misses and on one credit.

Quite a feat considering how tough both of these games are. (I still can't even beat the first stage in Athena. xD )

If you check out his/her Youtube Channel (gamewd) you can also see 1CCs of Nam-1975 (another tough game), Prehistoric Isle 1930, and Ninja Commando.


  1. I remember that the same infinite combo that allowed players to clear POW with one credit was present in this game, thus people could clear Street Smart even more easily than pow since this was a 1 on 1 game you didn't need skill besides the infinite.

    It's funny how the more I watch POW in youtube or Street Smart, the people that record the playthrough don't know how to infinite the enemy so I can't 100% re-live my childhood when I see the games in youtube.

    You could even argue that these is the first game "with juggles" since the infinite involves eternally picking the enemy from the floor. The infinite itself is a variation from the one used to clear stage 2 on the playthrough, but it needs you to give a small step up and a small step forward before attacking, that will create a bug that allows you to keep hitting the enemy even if they aren't physically close to you (it's funny to see your character hitting in the ground an enemy that's a full screen away).

    About Athena... I have this horrible memories of not being able to find the items necessary to clear the stage and losing by time out every time looking for them.

    If you are interested in youtube channels with playthrough I suggest replay burners
    They usually aim for no life lost clear game and have a very large selection of games, the wide variety of titles means that there are practically no SNK games in there, but the moment you can see 2p kickass action in Denji Makai you know that something is just right.

  2. * Checks channel *

    WHOOOOOAAAA. They have a playthrough for Big Fight, Big Trouble! I remember playing that a lot. The fact that I seeing a tightly dressed 80s style aerobic girl fighting and another girl dressed fully in leather whipping up people taught me a lot about myself at the time ヽ(;´Д`)ノ ~♥.......

    .... Maybe I shouldn't admit that so proudly? Who knows.

  3. I think some of these old school games without learning the infinites or tricks it's kind of hard for modern gamers to pick up.

    Personally i'm awkwardly kind of stuck in the middle between old school and modern. Whereby i'm old enough to remember (or have played) some of this stuff and still interested in learning them but not quite old enough to have been able to go to the arcade to play them enough to learn them properly.

    Probably the oldest game i remember watching people play and learning from them in the arcade is probably Metal Slug

    Luckily though one of the guys i know (Jericho MPM who i've mentioned here before) plays alot of old school stuff and has shown me a couple of tricks on games like Robocop.

    Still it's always interesting to watch stuff like this on Youtube, and thanks for that channel i'll definitely check it out when i get the chance.

    I've still not played POW, i remember wanting to buy the NES version a year or two ago but i don't think that came out in PAL land D:

  4. With Athena (and probably quite alot of classic SNK games) i'm not sure if the game is just crazy hard or badly designed lol.

    I tried to play Street Smart on emulator i think a year ago and couldn't figure out how the hell to play properly. (In the end i resorted to button mashing and repeated continues xD )

  5. Street smart I agree is very quirky, just like that wrestling game where you can use a look-alike Hwa Jai (or is Hwa, I have no idea). But arcade version Athena is nice, it's solid. Problem is, there is this one weapon in Athena which they failed to mention that you'll need to find in order to kill the last boss or something...wonder if SNK will ever try to re-release Crystalis, that's my fave NES title!

  6. 3 count bout ? I've got that on AES, haven't played it for a while but i remember it getting pretty tough towards the 3rd or 4th opponent.

    Have never finished that either :(

    I've never played Crystalis, i read before it features a cameo from Kensou and Athena! I don't think that ever came out in PAL land unfortunately =_=

    Need to get around to getting a US NES one of these days...

  7. RE: Your other comment, sorry but i couldn't publish it due to the content. I know of it but it's not something that i really think is good to speak about publicly.


  8. About Crystalis, why don't you try looking a playthrough in Youtube or something? Just make sure that it's not a speed run, because those skip all the blabbering for the sake of advancing quicker..... I remember that I could confidently clear the game in for about 2 hours flat and with reading all of the dialog once you I got good at it.

    Remember that there is a GBC version for the game, it's much inferior compared to the NES one, but I think that the GBC doesn't have that annoying region lock... so in "terms of impossibility of getting it", it should be much easier compared to a foreign console + game + power converter + antenna converter (for old TVs).

    The game shouldn't be on virtual console or something? And in the worst case there it might be some "alternative means" to play the game, if you know what I mean; but dunno, not everyone is into that.

    The Kensou & Athena from Crystalis don't look that much to the original ones (I think that it was before KoF 94', thus no "modern look" for the characters was available); however the characters do have some "ESP" related abilities, and their personalities are alike their originals, even though their names are spelled differently (Asina and Kenzu in japanese).

    Ralf and Clark are also referenced, but is harder to realize.

  9. If i watched a playthrough it'd kinda spoil playing the game though lol.

    I never knew there was a GBC version, i'll have to keep my eye out for that. There's one on eBay UK now...But the guy wants £30 for an unboxed one...Crazy.

    I kinda collect Nintendo stuff on the side to SNK stuff, i'd like to get a US NES eventually.

    Emulation is a possibility, thing is with emulation because i never paid for it i tend never to spend much time on anything i download as a rom.