Friday, 1 July 2011

Blog Updates (1/7/11)

Just spent about half an hour updating the 'Featured Write Ups' section with some of the posts i've done over the past couple of months, there's still a few things i need to add but i think i've had enough of messing around with html and blogspot's compose mode for the day.

I still need to finish off writing the Old SNK Goods From Japan, i only have the Neo Geo DJ Station 99 left to write about but haven't been able to find the time and energy to do it lately. I'll definitely have it done in the next couple of weeks as my friend will be coming back from Japan again with some more goods lol...

I don't think i mentioned it yet but i spent a little of Saturday updating the KOFXIII Technical References page, that still needs a whole lot of work done to it too.... :-/

And finally thanks for 10,000 views last month!!

I'm always really happy that people read this blog site, as i do it all in my spare time by myself, so it's always good to know there are people viewing and hopefully enjoying the content. ^^

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