Wednesday, 6 July 2011

chihuahuakof's KOF02UM Matches [Mexico]

Chihuhuakof has uploaded a new set of KOF02UM matches to his Youtube channel today, the videos are a little blurry but there are some nice matches.

I believe he is playing in a first to 10 wins, part 1 of this set seems to be missing from his channel.

You may remember i played chihuahuakof over XBL a month or so ago, where he kicked my ass pretty badly, i really like some of the tricks he does like rolling into a floored opponent to cross them up.
I tried to learn/imitate how to do this and have been failing miserably xD

It's great to see more matches coming from Mexico, i would really like to see a team of Mexican players head out to Tougeki and win on 02UM like the Chinese did in KOF98.

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