Friday, 8 July 2011

Dark Geese 02UM Chris Dive Kick Infinite ?? / KOF98 Videos

Saw this last night from DarkGeese's Youtube channel.

From the video description:
I am posting this up just to let people know the Chris infinite is NOT just for combovideos, I can do this about 40% of the time right now!!! Ask me how to do it and I will tell you! I think once this gets mastered, Chris will become the next "Mexican Angel" just because if they land this on you it's death. He can do this full screen, in the corner, against anyone doesn't matter. It's just about timing with his Tiger Knee qcf+D. If you have questions just ask I will be more than happy to explain it to you how to do it. Again it just takes timing!

I hear only CAP can do this combo in Japan according to Hummer, and now after taking a month break after ReveLAtions, I can do this with Chris! So trying to start a Chris 2002 UM Revolution in Mexico, because again, if Kula or someone like him masters this...people are in trouble!!! Yes this in Tougeki version guys!!!

So yes I know you've seen this stuff in the combovideos, and thought you couldn't do it, but I'm here to tell you you can simply by looking at this video you should see that! 7-8 hits=death with Chris!

I had a quick try of doing it on the 360 version and couldn't even get it hit once, so it's kinda difficult to do, but also my input level is quite crap anyway.

I'm not sure if it is actually very practical though, i don't think i've ever been hit by a clean dive kick, but good to know this kind of stuff.

Also uploaded today by SMOAI2010 is a tournament video from STEP featuring 777 and his vicious Kim:

And finally a new part in DandyDLC's homo genius series was uploaded today featuring KOF98 and Athena's float glitch:

If you've never seen them before, DandyDLC basically takes funny clips/comebacks from matches of various fighting games and just uploads those parts. There are some really funny ones, well worth going through his Youtube channel and checking some of them out.


  1. Chris air kick is hard to loop after 7 or so kicks (something that the recorder actually never managed to pull off), the problem is not if they are infinite or not, the problem is that after a staple doing 4 ~ 5 and doing a Hcb + K -> air Qcf + K the damage is insane.

    Well, at least to "Chris gameplay" that kick is actually hard to fit in, so it isn't that bad even when your friends can pull it of frequently.

    That Amy I think is the one from the Sisters team, the "guys" (I think it's guys xD) that make these vids
    Nico has a lot of videos about them (well, they are from there), but youtube is really scarce about them.

  2. It's hard for me to even loop once xD
    I agree though, it is hard to land so it's not something i'd worry about too much or think it would break the game.

    I always wondered about the Sisters team, i think Emillll uploads some of their videos sometimes, apparently though some girls are quite good at KOF in Japan.

    I used to know a girl who told me she was good in SamSho, never did get to see her play though.