Thursday, 14 July 2011

Doki Doki Majou Shinpan! - A Quick Look

This game has been out quite a while now but only just managed to getting around to buying a copy of it on eBay the other day.

I actually kinda wanted to avoid this series, due to the lolicon nature of it, but since i managed to get it fairly cheap and it has SNKP stamped on it i thought i'd add it to my collection/shelf.

Just thought i'd share my initial impressions of it.

First things first is that this game is incredibly text heavy, having a poor understanding of Japanese i have pretty much just been mashing the button to get to the next set of text and occasionally i tap the screen with the stylus.

If you've ever played any other Japanese dating/ero games on the PC, then you'll have a fair good idea of how this game plays. Lots of text and the occasional 'event'.

Suprisingly given the notorious 'witch touching' aspect of the game, after spending about 30 minutes with it i have yet to 'touch' any character yet, which is kinda dissapointing...I had assumed that's pretty much 90% of the game would be, but instead i've just been sitting through walls of text.

I'd imagine if you could understand what's going on it might be an interesting game (considering it's spawned another two games in the series), but given the text heavy nature of it i probably wouldn't recommend it to anyone who doesn't understand a lot of Japanese.

The one game i do want to play in the series though is Doki Majou Plus. As it features a shmup called Star Radish which started out as an April Fools joke but then made it into DMPlus as a mini game.

I doubt i'll put much more time into this game, as i'm a bit backlogged with other DS games, but enjoy some of the photos from the instruction manual below. (Unfortunately blogspot seems to have uploaded them sideways.... =_= )

[Edit]: Also check out these comic strips from Penny Arcade and Dueling Analogs.


  1. I remember having touched the first game some (pun intended). Initially is just like that, a dating sim about gathering clues of the girl on turn. Once you get all the necessary flags you go to a "track and field" (the konami game) type event where it's you vs the witch and after that..... Well, comes what made the game famous.

    I remember that gathering the clues was kinda of a pain, and complete ignorance about the text could easily lead to be "stuck forever" on several parts (probably what happened to you since you didn't fight the first girl).... I suppose that there it should be some sort of game guide there, somewhere.

    The franchise also spawned a manga, I don't know how famous it was but it has been pseudo translated by dynasty scans ( ) and updates are far in between. The series hasn't been completely translated and it hasn't been dropped, I haven't actually read it though.

    Supposedly the games (and manga) has several nods to "SNK culture". For example one of the girls owns a Mudman mask, another girl has a copy from Athena on the nes and many other things like that.

    Well, all of that is not what I really wanted to say.... WELCOME TO LOLI STRIPPING HELL, GYAH HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!! If you are a collector then you are probably cursed now to "get them all" of these, hya hya hya. BTW from their DS line up there is this game called Tsukibito which is completely not about stripping but instead is about the actual story and games, I don't remember any fan service through I haven't seen the game completely.

    Tsukibito is about a guy that is going to commit suicide because "he is mad", but when he is about to die he meets a girl who is similar to him. The thing is that the guy wasn't "mad" but he has the ability to see things from other dimension, the girl has the ability to hear things from that other dimension and thus instead of losing themselves to suicide they decide to somewhat try to find what's going on. The thing is that the game "isn't that dark" and involves more of themes of helping others and discovering yourself; the plot and theme was thought of as quite original for their DS attempts and it's regarded as an interesting game. It's main problem was that the actual gameplay engine was kinda faulty, but was other wise pretty much their most interesting proposal for the DS.

  2. haha that's exactly what's happened to me, i've just been going around in circles madly trying to tap everything to progress. xD

    I probably will end up getting them all but will wait till i head off to Japan, Doki Majo Plus costs about £50 on eBay!!

    Not sure if i'll pick up the manga though, one thing i know is i'll probably pick up loads of snk books from Japan and they are a real killer when it comes to shipping them back...I'll check out the scans though when i get the chance, so thanks for that.

    I think i've heard of Tsukibito but not read much about it so thanks for that info, seems to be one of the more low key titles for the DS.

    Always remember Doki Majo, SNK card fighters, and Days of Memories but never remember the other games they released on DS.

    I'll check it out if i get the chance.