Wednesday, 6 July 2011

DontDropThatCombo - KOFXIII Kyo Kusanagi Combo Tutorial pt.2

A little unexpected but DontDropThatCombo has uploaded a second part to his combo tutorials for Kyo Kusanagi citing that as he has now had more time with the game he felt he needed to revisit some of the characters to add in a few more things.

Of course this is a good thing as you know games evolve over time and more things are discovered it's well worth going back to share new discoveries.

Even with games like 98 which is now about 13 years old i'm still finding out new things about that game, for example when Bata was here in London he was showing me how to jump over the opponent and then hopping in reverse with Iori. (Jump over, press the joystick down, put into neutral, then jump back)

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