Friday, 15 July 2011

DontDropThatCombo - KOFXIII Mai Shiranui Combo Tutorial

The next part of the DontDropThatCombo KOFXIII tutorials is now up with the bouncy Mai Shiranui.

Mai is one of the characters i was probably most dissapointed with in this game, since they seem to have taken her moveset back to basics, and especially coming from 02UM where she pretty much had everything.

I think this video shows that she is still pretty decent though, i like the little air throw at the end of some of the combos, and only realised today that at the end of the NeoMax she has the 女 (Woman) kanji in flames.


  1. There is this thing about Mai's Neo Max, if you read only "the end" of the move we have a single kanji 女 (onna, woman); but if we read each "stroke" (how she moves) separately we have another, more interesting meaning : くノ一 (kunoichi).

    It's obviously clear that the move is meant to references both meanings, but it's quite the neat detail that initially escaped me as I didn't get it at first.

    Also I feel that "the worst" lost for Mai was not her special moves, but actually her command moves. Without her air down + A her "run away" strategies are greatly hampered and without a ground cancelable command move she can't safely poke the enemy for long regardless of is she uses light or strong attacks, which is kinda of a drag.

  2. wow i never realised the kunoichi thing, that's pretty clever.

    yeah, i wasn't sure why they never gave her that down+A since everyone else seems to have gotten theirs back :(

    Some of her moves that seem to have become more staple are gone as well, like her dwnF+B and qcb+K.

    It's a shame really that she ended up being one of the more 'unfinished' characters in the game.

  3. P.S they probably spent too much time on her bounce animation to give her any more moves xD