Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Dune - Live Feed 02UM / 98

Dune is currently doing a live feed on Nico Video featuring KOF02UM (and i think 98 will also be there later), at the moment it seems he is playing around in practice mode.

I don't think he will be playing any matches but it's been interesting so far watching him in practice mode.

Check it out here, though you need a Nico Video account.

[Edit]: Just to note this is now finished, some of the highlights for me was seeing O.Yashiro (02UM) do hcf+P -> f+A -> f+A -> HSDM, and Heavy.D's (98) 9 taps into super.

The funniest comment i saw was when they were talking (i think) about which game to feature next time, some people were saying 00, some saying 97, and then one guy came up with 1945 (Strikers). xD

The stream lasted for about 30minutes on the dot, and was just practice mode.

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