Friday, 29 July 2011

EX Iori/DLC, Combo Training, Colour Edit, Screenshots, etc...

A load of screenshots have been uploaded on Andriasang showing the in-game cutscenes, menus, colour edit mode, amongst other things.

It's interesting to note the combo trial mode from the iPhone version of KOF-i has made it over to the console port also.

Worth noting is the home console version Official Website has updated with news of the flame version Iori who will be arriving as a DLC character.

Translating the page with Google Translate:

Jump to online stores in the PlayStation ® Store / Xbox LIVE ® Marketplace from within the game, you can buy additional content directly to the various serving up the game even more. Custom themes (wallpapers) Gamers and icons, you can download the BGM additional stages and characters.

Another thing is judging by the website that it seems this game will have a story mode judging by the Story section of the website, where it looks like you can select routes through the game. 

Check out Andriasang and the Home Console website for more details. 

[Edit]: Just saw on Dreamcancel's forums posted by SAB-CA, the official Japanese trailer which is extended compared to the one released yesterday by RSG.

You can catch a tiny glimpse of Flame Iori at the end.

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