Friday, 15 July 2011

Famitsu Interviews Kei Yamamoto (KOF-i Producer)

Saw this posted up on CyberFanatix by user Evil_Yagami, though the information originated from MMCafe and DreamCancel.

Not a whole lot of new information but a few teasers with 'rebalancing attacks' and subtle hints at the flame Iori. The one thing i do like the sound of is the possibility of them bringing more ports to the iPhone, though not my preferred handheld, it would be great to finally see some of the mobile phone exclusive games make their way to the West. (C'mon KOF Battle Festa!!)

Famitsu interview about KOF-i with the producer of the game "Yamamoto" ~ Japanese ~ :

Quick synopsis-

- The producer is Kei Yamamoto, same guy working on console ports.
- Balancing was hard for the platform. Throws and GeeseCounters were too strong, vs CPU was too easy with simplified commands but too hard with manual commands.
- Some arcade version staff were involved but the developed team consisted of separate staff. Everything about the development was hard since it was a new platform. There were a lot of attacks that needed rebalancing because of that.
- Billy was included because they thought his presence would bring a big impact and he's popular amongst players.
- Wifi battle is something they can look into, but nothing under the hood right now.
- A version update is slated for October. Also, additional stuff are under development and they want to add things in to the shop and whereever else that seems good.
- If many people pick up KOFi and it gets good feedback, they might consider porting other titles as well. But first thing first is the update.

And here's three points that were interesting enough for a full translation.

Q: Personally, I feel unfortunate that Iori, who's usually in the series, isn't in this game. Are there plans to add him in?
A: "There may be people who are wondering why Iori isn't in the game while Kyo is. We can't reveal any plans yet, but please wait and see what characters will be coming out."

Q: We hear that there's going to be 6 additional characters by October. Can you tell us just a little bit on who'll be added in?
A: "Please look forward. They'll be solid, and worth the wait."

Q: Can you tell us secretly if there will be any new smartphone-exclusive characters?
A: "Sorry, it's a secret.!"

Translation by Professor :

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  4. Thanks, i would have liked to continue with the Arcadia write ups but unfortunately it got expensive buying it every month.

    I think it's good for SNK/KOF fans to know there are other games out there they can support aside from KOF.

    Neo Geo is one of my favourite consoles and i'd love for SNKP to be able to have a modern library that matches the AES library.