Monday, 11 July 2011

Kaiyodo Hobby Museum, Kochi Japan

Saw this over on Kotaku just now, a Kaiyodo Hobby Museum has just opened up in Kochi, Japan.

Within the museum you can see selections of figures produced by Kaiyodo over the years, with an in-house area where you can see garage kits being made!

Amongst the figures displayed (and probably for sale too) are some Mai Shiranui figures featuring her Maximum Impact and standard KOF outfit. I'd imagine these are pretty expensive :(

For more information check out the original post on Kotaku or in Japanese over on Gigazine here and here.

Also whilst on the topic of figures and garage kits, i came across this Vice garage kit from a post on NeoEmpire's forums.

According to the date on the website it was produced for Treasure Festa 2010, so may no longer be available anywhere, but would have been a nice accompanying figure to the officially released Mature figure.

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