Sunday, 10 July 2011

King Of Fighters-i - Ash Crimson Float Glitch

Came across this on the official King of Fighters-i page on Facebook, user Rvp Lee posted up some details on how to activate a floating glitch with Ash.

From his original post:
i have found that the bug about [stay at air and under the ground]
When you use Ash
1.use the super art Sans-Culotte(P.K.S)
2.use the divose(down.charge.up.k) hit the rival *hit or block also can do it
3.cancel the floreal / floreal(backward) at the second hit(divose)
4.then Ash will stay at air

when you at step 3 press the floreal(backward) repeatedly, Ash will go under the ground.
 I went off to test it out and sure enough it works and is pretty easy to replicate, i've filmed some videos (after the glitch is activated) which you can see below. 
The things that will bring him back to the ground is if you jump, perform a special move, super or NeoMax.

Otherwise he can walk freely backwards and forwards in the air, and like other float glitches in KOF you can hit the opponent infinitely with a crouching tap attack. 

Hopefully none of this kind of stuff will make it into the console port...

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