Friday, 8 July 2011

King of Fighters-i Billy Kane Basic Combos

I've been experimenting mainly with Billy Kane in the King of Fighters-i, since i got the game the other day, and although it's quite tricky to do complex combos i've slowly started to figure out some basic combos.

Standing P (3 hits) -> hcf+P (f+S) ~ qcf+P (S) 175 Damage

Crouching K -> crouching K -> dp+K (dwnF+S) -> qcb+P (b+S) 184 Damage

Standing P (3 hits) -> f+K -> qcb+P (b+S) 192 Damage

Crouching K -> f+P -> crouching K -> f+P 198 Damage

[Corner] standing P (3 hits) -> f+K -> qcf, hcb+P (tap gauge) 348 Damage
[Corner] standing P (3 hits) -> f +K -> dp+K (dwnF+S) -> qcb+P (b+S) -> [Super Cancel] qcf,hcb+P (tap gauge) 404 Damage (can be 422 Damage depending on cancel timing)

Standing P (1 or 2hits) -> dp+K (dwnF+S) -> Neomax (Tap character portrait) 463 Damage

Standing P (3 hits) -> f +K -> NeoMax (Tap character portrait) 516 Damage

Interestingly his f+B now puts the opponent in a 'juggle state', so it seems actually pretty useful.

I'm not sure i will be able to do HD combos on a touch screen, as it's damn fiddly, but i'll keep trying some more stuff out and see what i come up with.

Also just realised that the ending images to this game are different to the ones that you can view in the Gallery mode (or not included in the Gallery anyway), i didn't screenshot the ending i got the other day (of i think it was Benimaru, Andy, Robert) but i did screenshot the one i got today of Vice and Mature.

If i get any more different ones i'll either post them at the end of another post or upload them to the Gallery page.

[Edit]: V-Slasher from CyberFanatix's forums has uploaded the picture i previously mentioned:


  1. Those images are from the Beta test "thank you for burning your Yens" screens. Some of those are seriously good, I really hope that they add it to the gallery of the ps3 port (aka "the big brother" from this game :P) Supposedly there is at least a screen per team; along with some misc images stuck in there.

    With his WA / 95' vibe I really, really getting interested in Billy, I probably gonna roll him into one of my mains team somehow, even if his basic animations are SSFIV level of stiff (yuck).

  2. Ahh yeah i thought i'd seen them before somewhere.

    I'll keep playing and see which other ones i come across.

    Yeah he seems great so far, likely candidate for one of the top characters possibly.
    I'm sure they will update his standing animation though, i remember reading people complained about Kula and then they updated her.

  3. For Kula was just a silly miss-understanding coming from people that didn't touched the game.

    Kula's in game stance is "pretty complicated" where she does a lot of things as time passes (she moves her hands, breaths, and eventually yawns and blinks). Because the stance was "too complicated" for the website they only "captured" a short clip of her stance where she only breathed and did nothing else.

    Since a lot of people didn't have contact with game they started fan raging that her stance was too simple, When the "tougeki prep vids" started to come out even before the game was launched you could see that Kula stance was much more than what the website provided.

    The same happened for Ash, his in game stance does many subtle things, but the website stance it's only standing there and I think looking at the side. But since people aren't observant enough, no one complained about "Ash losing animation frames", har har.

    The thing is that "with Billy" he is "already in the game" so to speak.... To me this is a dilemma. The fact that he has such a stiff stance you can think either "he is not finished yet" or "they are trying to draw a character with the least possible amount of animation frames"..... If the second one is true, then maybe they are planning on adding a few characters all of them being "economic" frame wise, thus saving time? October might seem a far away date, but considering that "packing" of the game should be done for about a month or a little bit more before the release of the game that means that from whenever they started to the actual game launch they have for about a month or a little more to add characters; the fact that the "head producer of the port" wasn't know until recently ("hints" showed for about 2 months ago) points out that "actual in house development" began recently ("external work" about the port like translation work and net code and other design things not software related could perfectly have happened earlier).

    To be honest if the console release has 5 or 6 extra characters to me that's going to be "almost too many". Anything more than that to me is going to be a miracle level of dedication from SNK, even if those characters have 2 acting buttons and 2 special moves.

    ..... Kinda long post, but I suppose that I needed to express my usual gloomy analytical maniac conspiracy theory type of hype somewhere xD

  4. Ahh i was one of those people who misunderstood about Kula then haha.

    You know though, although Billy's stand stance is kinda crap he has quite alot of animation elsewhere.

    I'm gonna post up a short clip of a little animation he does at the end of his senpuukon in a bit.

    I think they've made him pretty well compared to the characters they put in the console version of XII. Barely anyone used Mature or Elisabeth becuase they felt like there was nothing you could do with them.

    Billy on the other hand i could see being pretty popular.

    I think you're right to be a little pessimistic, being a long time fan of SNKP it kind of happens xD

    I'm hoping for the best though.

    Even if we do get some budget characters, at least with what they've done to the stages, and billy kane i'm already quite happy.

  5. Even if we do get some budget characters, at least with what they've done to the stages, and billy kane i'm already quite happy.

    I feel the same, the KoF-i port feels like a pretty strong port, the menus are nice (a weakness of SNK, all of their game has fugly menus) and the extras are all there with target practice combos, survival, and gallery and the translated novels about the characters. Now if they could only "add somethings" more to the misc modes such as mission mode or a more extensive gallery, add something odd like extra miscellaneous text or a recount video about 2k3 & XI; paste on that whatever character they can and that would be a very good port, specially if they don't carelessly sneak in random bugs.

  6. Yeah i think KOF-i is a very good demo to show what is coming, it looks like so far everything they've gotten wrong with XII they have put right.

    Gonna be an instant day one purchase.

    I'm still a little worried about the ambiguous cross ups and bugs, but hopefully they'll patch out any day one problems.