Friday, 8 July 2011

King of Fighters-i Gallery

Came across this via DreamCancel's forums, user Amedos310 has uploaded the gallery from KOF-i to his PhotoBucket account.

I haven't unlocked most of the images yet, i think i've only unlocked about 8 so far xD, and there are 110 images in total.

Some of them are great like the chibi style ones, others are just stock art images, and there are a few all new images or at least ones i've never seen before.

However some are not so great...Like this funny looking Leona. :(

Also maybe i'm reading too much into it but i found it quite interesting that they've shown chibi art for Saiki, Magaki and Mukai. I know that they were bosses for the past three games, but could they also be hinting that the latter two may return for the console version ?

I'm still hoping for a boss team in XIII, i was really dissapointed that Botan never ended up as a playable/boss character in a team like we had the Orochi Team in KOF97. (Still the best story based KOF to date in my opinion.)

Anyway you can either check them out on AmedoS310's PhotoBucket page or i've put them all into a rar file and uploaded it to Mediafire.


  1. That Leona only looks weird because Ogura oversized her head D: with a smaller head and hear that would be one of her best portraits :P

    I would love to have Mukai as the boss of the "bad ending" route, but as much as I would love that I would rather them not waste time with a character that "we" are not going to be actively using competitively (specially since perhaps also time in modifying some cinemas might be required).

    Magaki is as dead as a doornail. And for him that seems to an impediment xD he really doesn't seem to be like those two orochi secretaries. I'm all for Shion but the last time I checked he didn't have a ground breaking popularity that would ensue him a ticket (the same goes for Heidi (Adel), though

    Oh, and Thx for the .rar I was certainly too lazy to the prospect of downloading pic by pic :P

  2. Haha yeah the ear and the head proportion makes it fairly ape-like xD

    I was kinda of hoping for a team of Mukai, Botan and someone else as a counterpart to the Orochi team.

    I'm sure they would find some way to tone them down to be playable, there seem to be a few SNK games where bosses are playable in tournaments nowadays. (NGBC (minus Goodman), and NeoWave are the ones i can think of off the top of my head)

    Speaking of Shion i was pretty suprised when they revealed it was a guy, i'm sure they only did that to piss people off xD

    Adelheid should really be in this game, they should have made him as a boss for XII...

    No probs, it actually did take me quite long to download them one by one, so enjoy! xD

  3. Leona looks like a crackhead, but with boobs like that, I'd still do her.

    KOFi images all over the 2002um fb page. Hmmm way to kill it off lol

  4. Just dim the lights and have your hand do the talking, body heat will always beat appearance at least on that circumstance :P

    ..... I'm fugly as the sin, so I know what I'm speaking of ¬¬