Wednesday, 6 July 2011

King Of Fighters-i (Gameplay Videos)

Getting difficult to keep up with all of this new information...When SNKP release new news they really open up the flood gates! xD

Saw these videos from iPhoneGamerUK via Touch Arcade's forums:

From what i've seen so far it looks pretty decent and should keep me occupied until the console release in October.

I've read rumours that there are a total of 6 DLC characters to be released in the future, at the moment people are speculating 98 Iori due to the purple flame in the logo and of course his 95 stage is present.

Hopefully the news is of it's release today for Europe is true and it will come out on the UK iTunes at 12am tonight. 


  1. This is a really cruel and I hope profitable way of building up hype towards the main game. Though personally I would have made it so that the new characters were revealed in September, nothing would build hype as revealing through this game a "new, surprise face" a month before the console release is out.

    I really hope that people release some Billy footage, more than his movelist (which appears to be his KoF 95' one with some extra command moves) I'm interested in seeing who voices him and if they reuse a previous sample or if they hired the guy again to re-record the character.

  2. I thought it's quite clever of them to release it now, got to be a lot of hyped players who will buy this.

    I'll definitely buy it for sure, since i can't play the 'other version' in full speed. lol

    It actually looks quite good though for an iPhone game, and in any case it'd be nice to have a portable KOFXIII :D