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King Of Fighters-i (KOFXIII For iPhone ????)

Just came across this on's forums, a real suprise this one but Famitsu is reporting that a King of Fighters game titled 'King of Fighters-i' will be coming out soon for iPod/iPhone.

Judging from the screen shots there are about 14 characters from XIII, including Billy Kane, as well as the Kyokugen gym (Takuma's stage) from Art of Fighting 2.

Cut&Paste from

KOFXIII for iphone?

Reports coming in:

Billy skills
Sansetsukon Chuudan Uchi (Tri-Cane)[Ex]
Kaen Sansetsukon Chuudan Uchi (Tri-Cane Explosion)
Suzume Otoshi (Upper Cane) [Ex]
Senpuukon (Typhoon Cane)
Kyoushuu Hishou Kon (Flying Cane smasher)
Super: Chou Kaen Senpuu Kon (Final Hurricane Fire Cane) [EX]
Neomax: Dai Guren Senpuu kon

Additional Stages (not all):
95 Iori
96 Esaka
Rocky/desert area
AOF 2 Kyokugen Dojo (not sure if these are iphone exclusive.)

The frame rates/animation looks obviously lower quality than the arcade version but still it should be quite nice to have a portable version of KOFXIII. Price tag for Japan is set for about Y900 and should be released worldwide.

More news on this as i come across it.

[Edit]: Apparently it's already up on the Japanese App store @ 
I don't have any credit on my Japanese iTunes account so i can't check it out yet T_T

[Edit 2]: Some more news from Touch Arcade via DreamCancel's forums:

The Game is out in New Zealand. It should be out in US at about 11 PM EST and Europe at around 12 AM UK time. Size of the app is 224 MB.

Price in NZ is $10.99 which should translate to USD $7.99 


The popular 2D Fighting Game Series “KOF” appears on the iPhone/iPod touch!
With beautiful visuals and high-resolution graphics, this game uses the Virtual Pad to bring you a seamless and intuitive “KOF” experience. Furthermore, moves that require complex commands can be easily pulled off with the Simple Specials Button or the various touch controls.
Not only the old fans, but newcomers to KOF and fighting game novices alike will be able to fully and easily enjoy this new “KOF” experience!


* 4 different single player modes!
Fight 3 on 3 in “Team Battle”, 1 on 1 in “Single Battle”, see how many opponents you can beat with 1 character in “Endless”, or practice making combos using the Virtual Pad in “Training”.

* Many extras like trading cards and artwork!
You can view all the extras you unlocked during the game in Gallery Mode. Fans will not want to miss the many extras, including premium trading cards with hand-drawn illustrations, concept art, illustrations and rough sketches of each character, Team Story Novels, and movies from “KOFXIII”!

* Trade data & fight other players anytime, anywhere!
Use Bluetooth to connect to other terminals within the signal range. Get a bunch of friends together to create your own impromptu arcade! Enjoy improved interaction between players by exchanging trading cards and sending and receiving replay data!!

* The strongest warriors in history are here!
The 13 fighters, including protagonists Kyo Kusanagi, K’ and Ash Crimson are joined by Billy Kane from “Fatal Fury”! But that’s not all! More characters will be made available as DLC, so keep checking back regularly!!

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[Edit 3]: Esaka Stage via's forums

And also you can just make out Iori's 95 Stage in the stage select screen

[Edit 4]: There are more screenshots over on Orochinagi!!

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