Thursday, 7 July 2011

King of Fighters-i Official Website / Facebook Page

SNKPlaymore has now opened up the English official website for KOF-i as well as the official Facebook fan page.

Interestingly they note on the official website that additional DLC characters will be free, and will bring the total roster up to 20 playable characters.

Whether or not they will be newly announced characters or just teams from the existing arcade version it's not know yet, however the characters screen is arranged in a way to suggest it would be two more teams of characters. (Personally i'm guessing the AoF and Yagami teams.)

It also mentions 'Exclusive Background Stages' to be added at some point, though doesn't mention if these would be free also.

Also some things i forgot to mention in the 'quick look' i posted last night, is that this game has a 'zoom' feature somewhat similar to KOFXII and a combo training mode which i discovered this morning.

I think SNKP has done a good job on this game, even a friend who has retired from playing KOF competitively messaged me this morning to tell me how good he thought it was and he was dropping playing SF4 Volt on the iphone to play this LOL!! xD

Good times for SNKP fans ahead hopefully.

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