Wednesday, 6 July 2011

King of Fighters Nekketsu Volleyball [Mobile Phone]

This was something i came across quite a long while ago, i've also briefly mentioned it in a previous post, but always otherwise seem to forget that i have it. Since it's fresh in my mind after seeing it whilst browsing my downloads folder, i decided to post up about it.

This is basically one of the mobile phone games that SNKP has released in Japan, but has never been given an international release.

After reading up on the SNKP mobile phone games one time i decided to go off and look for some way to emulate them and then came across this KOF Volleyball game.

Although it is not a perfect emulation you can still somewhat play it, and for some reason it's in Chinese so whether the original game is exactly the same i am not 100% sure.

Anyway below i've 'translated' the main menu:

You can see the 6 characters in the game, of whom you pick two characters to make up your volley ball team.

And as mentioned the emulation is not perfect with big black boxes around the sprites and there doesn't seem to be any music.

As far as i can figure out the controls are mapped to the directional keys on the keyboard (eg: left, right, and up=Jump) and you hit the ball with the Enter key.

The game itself overall is not too bad, it's the kind of quality you expect from a mobile phone game. (Very easy to play and not too much depth to it.) It is interesting though however, and i'd love to see these kinds of mobile games ported to a format we could play it on over here in the Western part of the world.

Anyway i've uploaded the emulator/rom on to MediaFire so you can check it out yourself.

Also just to note i am not a huge fan of emulation, i would normally only look for roms or emulators for things which i can not physically buy a copy of. If i had access to a Japanese phone i would buy this game just out of support for SNKP.

The only reason i mention this emulator/rom is because i know that there are probably other fans out there who are interested in these mobile phone games but cannot play them because they are not in Japan with a Japanese mobile phone.

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