Sunday, 17 July 2011

KOF-i - Billy Kane Dialogue VS Team Fatal Fury

The next set of dialogues from KOF-i featuring Billy Kane this time versus the Fatal Fury team.

You may have noticed i 'forgot' to post up the Kyo Vs Billy Kane dialogue, the reason for this is you cannot get a full set of dialogues from one play through in team mode. (As i think Billy Kane only appears in single mode)

So instead i'll include Kyo Vs Billy Kane when i get around to doing the Billy Kane vs Team Japan set.

Also as noted in the comments section of one of my blog posts i may not do any other characters after Billy due to the amount of work involved in doing the screenshots and then uploading them.

Billy Kane Versus Terry Bogard:

Billy Kane Versus Joe Higashi:

Billy Kane Versus Andy Bogard:

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