Tuesday, 12 July 2011

KOF-i Dialogue

I remember when XII first came out on consoles and people were complaining about the lack of intro animations from characters like in the old games.

The when XIII came out they completely revamped character introductions with dialogue boxes like they did in SNK VS Capcom:Chaos.

Personally i was a little unsure whether i liked the change at first but as i'm playing through KOF-i more i'm starting to warm up to it alot more. (Particularly since they seem to spend most of their time insulting each other.)

Mai especially seems to be the worst when it comes to insulting people, like this dialogue below where she is talking to Billy about his little sister. (Lilly Kane) xD

If you wanted to make your own SvC Chaos style dialogues you can check out this website.

One last thing, this guy seems to believe a new SamSho game is in the works by SNKP...

[Edit]: Another last thing, it seems Atlus have finally uploaded a gameplay trailer for KOFXIII. Not much special to see, and particularly nothing new if you've been watching matches already.


  1. Mai...Knowing that there's been some nasty talks about her "looks " and then next, her personality@@@??? I alwyas thought she's a sweet girl, since she got Andy (who is also kind). In that dialogue she sounds like she's never known him! ohh

    And it's also nicer to hear the humor rather tan ppl insulting...
    know it's an east attempt to make it appear sensational,but it takes wisdom to make the former, and the stupidity to make the latter.

  2. These were hinted to be really good since the start, so it's no surprise (I think Mai called Raiden a Koala or something? Some were known since the beta days). I wish there it was a gallery option that kept track of the dialogs you have seen so far (thus you can "re-visit them" without playing); Or at least a single all option in order to be able to read all of the text of your character at once, instead of having to play the game 40 times because the CPU refuses to pick China or something.

    These are obviously more cost effective than actual character intro, as they are "outsourced" by giving the task to that novelist guy that is friendly with the company and then they need to just render the text and set the "when it's applied" patterns. Compared to actually drawing intros is much easier. Of course it would be nice to actually get both, but we can't be that greedy so early; I'd rather have my characters with actual close standing jab & far standing jab animations first and than adding miscelaneous things (poor Maxima :P).

  3. @Anon: The insults they throw at each other are pretty clever and full of humour.
    I think the dialogue is well written and if you know the stories of the game and characters you will like them alot.

    @Okashira: I'd seen a few dialogue screens but never really kept up with XIII until lately.
    Especially since i never had access to the game itself.

    The intro dialogues are good though, there's even some clever references like one of the characters mentioned to K' his previous intro (ore hitori de jyubun da).

    I agree, both would be nice and of course more moves would be better than an intro xD

  4. Oh ho, I like Maxima and Kyo's one about the environment. It's so nonsensically funny. And having played arcade KOF XIII, I've seen Hwa Jai actually call Ash a girly, fancy boy or something. So japanese people did notice he's kinda fruity.

  5. haha yeah i think someone calls him 'freckles' as well xD