Saturday, 16 July 2011

KOF-i - Kyo Dialogue VS Ash Crimson

The next part of the Kyo dialogues from KOF-i, there's only one more to go with Billy Kane. Since i've also done all of Billy Kane's dialogue screenshots i'll do that as part of a seperate lot.

Kyo Versus Ash Crimson:


  1. uhh..."in ways you can't even imagine"...I can...and I wished I hadn't. Ahh...this brings me all the way back to SVC Chaos.

  2. haha i'm glad i'm not the only one who could imagine too xD

    1. um excuse me king of fighters do you like ash crimson since your profile pic is ash?

  3. So, they were fighting to know who is the Uke and who is the Seme all along? Yickes.

    BTW, what other characters do you plan to update like this? I suppose that you are only gonna do the guys you are interested in (how appropriate for a pun), I imagine this to be quite the chore (I know that the image upload alone this can be a little vexing already).

  4. Haha with Ash i'm sure there's always gonna be some yaoi undertones floating around xD

    I was thinking of just finishing off with Billy Kane as i've already got the full set of screenshots with him.

    After that i'm not sure i would do any other characters as i have to play through the game every time, screenshot, email myself the image, rotate image, upload.

    I'll see though, i might eventually do every character if i have the free time, but for now just Billy is the next set.