Wednesday, 27 July 2011

KOF-i - Mai Shiranui Dialogue VS Team K'

It's been a couple of days since i've done any dialogue posts (i've been really tired from work and selling on eBay lately), so thought i'd better start off doing the Mai Shiranui dialogues.

First off we're starting with Team K'.

Mai Versus Maxima:

Mai Versus K':

Mai Versus Kula:


  1. Wow, Kula, a child's honesty, eh?

  2. Something i found out (from the commentary in one of the VERSUS videos) that i found kinda funny about Kula recently is she is really tall for a loli character. 169cm!!

    I always thought she was supposed to be like a little kid as well.

  3. Kula was designed as a 13 / 14 old character in 2000 and considering that the same designer stuck there in SNK and even worked in her again for XIII, then it's pretty much obvious that she still goes by that concept.

    However I'm pretty sure that compared to MI she sounds more like a child that she did there... Perhaps they where trying to exaggerate her character in XIII, considering that I think she is the only character who is officially pre18 in that game?

    Then again, given her background is understandable that she might be kinda naive, she wasn't supposed to know about anything but fulfilling her mission while working with NESTS, and by the time they left the organization all of the guys do nothing but pamper her or ignore her (lol)

  4. Her character does look like it's supposed to be a little girl, but 169cm is an incredible height for a 13/14 year old xD

    Even though she is a bit clueless i think at least her dialogue is more interesting than K' xD

    Alot of the ages and heights are kind of crazy now that i think about it xD