Thursday, 28 July 2011

KOF-i - Mai Shiranui Dialogue VS Women Fighters Team

Another set of KOF-i Dialogues with Mai versus the Women Fighters Team.

In regards to the dialogue between Mai and Yuri, i'm not quite sure why they are talking about giving each other medical check ups...But i'm sure it's something i'd like to watch. (^_~)

Mai Versus King:

Mai Versus Mai:

Mai Versus Yuri:

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  1. Mai is the strongest in her team; not just saying that, if you play story mode using the Women Fighters Team from the start, it'll reveal Mai fights and defeats both her and King to prove she hasn't gone rusty after skipping the last tournament (KOF XI). When Mai tells Yuri its time for a medical check up, she means to see how she is now in terms of fighting (over here 'medical check-up' means 'sparring'). Yuri replies that because Mai skipped the last tournament so the others should be testing her instead to see if she's still up on her game. As Yuri says in the last line "Let's see if you took good care of yourself during the holidays!" ('holidays' means her break from the tournament during KOF XI when she took a vacation with Andy) ^_^