Sunday, 10 July 2011

KOFUNION - LostFeather's KOFXIII Combo Video (With Bonus Billy Kane Combo)

Saw this yesterday via Shoryuken's Facebook page but didn't watch it properly until this morning, LostFeather from KOFUNION has created this combo video (about 9mins) for KOFXIII with two bonus Billy Kane combos for KOF-i at the end.

The Billy Kane combos are worth watching as they are both HD combos, one of them being a 100% HD combo.

One thing that made me laugh though is Ralf's motions in the sync to the music used at around 4:20 xD

Also one last thing is that after posting my Billy Kane combo video i actually started working on learning HD combos, figured out how to do one so far.

[Corner] jump P -> standing P (3 hits) -> b+D -> HD Activate -> standing P (3 hits) -> f+K -> dp+K (dwnF+S) -> hcf+P (f+S) -> [drivecancel] qcb+P (b+S) -> qcf,hcb+P (tap gauge) -> NeoMax (Tap character portrait).

Damage for that combo seems to vary between 6-700 depending on my timing, can't always land it perfectly yet but when i do i'll record a vid. 

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