Friday, 1 July 2011

KOFXIII Billy Kane ScreenShots / New BackGrounds!!

Andriasang has just posted up some screenshots showing Billy Kane in action,  as well as showing off some of the all new stages, and what looks like a new intro for the console version.

Special background appearances looks like there's Lilly Kane, Krauser and Lawrence Blood in the background for what looks like to be Billy Kane's stage.

And also Pao Pao cafe!!

Check out more screens over on Andriasang and the updated KOFXIII official console website.

 Edit: Just saw this post over on DreamCancel (Translated from Matsuhita's Twitter feed by Professor from MMCafe):

According to SNKP's Matsushita, the home console version of KOFXIII will feature some old stages in the KOF series, albeit redrawn in HD graphics.
Oh, so the new backgrounds have been announced! The concept behind them are "Easy to the eye, undisturbing to the gameplay (give the spectators regular physiques)", "Release previous KOF backgrounds and new backgrounds in beautiful HD quality". They're the effort of hard work by the background's staff!
So that's the concept behind having the previous backgrounds, but they might've taken my request when I said "I'd love to see the old KOF backgrounds in HD quality". The old stages in HD will really make your heart pound, they look like High-res NeoGeo!

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