Wednesday, 20 July 2011

KOFXIII Combo Video (2003 Ash Team)

SMOAI2010 has uploaded a new combo video today featuring the Ash team from 2003 (Ash, Shen, Duo Lon).

The title in Google translate says it's a Practical Combo Video, though some of them look more situational, also it says it's part 2 but i can't find a part 1 on his channel yet.

Some of the combos are pretty nice though, i liked some of the ones with Ash, the combo at about 2:00 where he juggles with the qcfx2+P DM is pretty cool.

Also check out the combos with Shen where he starts off his monster combos with a far standing C, which absorbs a hit.

[Edit]: Part 3 now up.

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