Sunday, 10 July 2011

KOFXIII Videos From Bangor, Northern Ireland.

Yreval from NeoEmpire's forums has been hosting a weekly KOFXIII meet up at ReplayGames in Bangor, Northern Ireland with today being the first proper meet up.

He has also uploaded a video from today's meet up to his Youtube channel.

From the video description:
Supersquaddy (Joe/Andy/Kim) vs Scavenger XIII (Vice/Iori/Elisabeth)

Guy on the left had not played the game at all before today, and his opponent had only played it a few times.

Even though it's not high level play (we all had to start somewhere at some point), it's still great to see new players getting into KOF, and hopefully they will continue playing it.

Especially since it's the only arcade cabinet with XIII in the entire UK at the moment...As you may have gathered from some of my previous posts i'm currently only getting my KOFXIII fix by playing the iPod/iPhone version. xD

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