Tuesday, 12 July 2011

My Billy Kane Basic Combo Video Reposted By SNKP (Via King Of Fighters-i Facebook Fan Page)

I posted my Billy Kane basic combo video to a couple of sites when i finished it the other day, and amongst those was the KOF-i Facebook fan page.

Just noticed this morning they have reposted it themselves as a little feature.

Really happy to have gotten the video noticed, as i did spend quite a bit of time on it, and didn't expect for SNKP to feature it.

If you haven't seen it already i've embedded it again below :P

I'm still trying to get down HD combos, as i mentioned in a previous post i can now do just one (lol) but can't nail it 100% of the time yet.

Since i record combos using the replay feature, i have to play in arcade mode which means if i make a mistake i have to start saving super/drive bars over again. (So it's quite time consuming.)

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