Saturday, 16 July 2011

Neo Geo Kult - Bang Bang Busters Review / KOF Zillion Download

Neo Geo Kult has just posted up a review of the prototype Neo Geo AES game that was released by Neo Concept International last year, Bang Bang Busters.

Considering many of us may never get to own this cart, due to limited quantities of it being made and how expensive it is, it's an interesting read for those who love the Neo Geo. 

You can check out the review here (in French) or here (in English)

Also i found the link for the King of Fighters Zillion that i downloaded from originally, so for those of you who wanted to try it out (but were too lazy to google it yourselves :P) you can download that from Megaupload here.

As i mentioned in that previous blog entry it's well worth a try and very well made, if anyone figures out how to pick the EX characters (i've seen the CPU use a second version of Mai earlier today) let me know how to pick them!


  1. to pick ex mode just prees up or down on versus screen....

    btw... where did U got these select screen?? coz on the newest update takuma, adel, jhun foon still in grey colored...

    what zilion version these screenshot??

  2. What do you mean by the versus screen ??

    Ahh this screenshot was a random one i found from Google (i was having problems with exiting the game so couldn't screenshot at the time i wrote this).

    The version i have also does not have those characters yet.