Sunday, 24 July 2011

Queen's Gate Iroha Figure

I saw the above photo from a friend's photos on Facebook from the Hyper Japan event that is being held over this weekend here in London, the Iroha figure is one that i sadly had never known about.

I went off to Google and found out it was released a couple of years back and found this review on of the figure. (You can also see more images of the figure in that link.)

As you may well know Iroha will be in the upcoming PSP game Queen's Gate Spiral Chaos, along with Mai Shiranui, Cham Cham, and Mina. 

I'm going to be going to the event tomorrow so might pick it up if it's reasonably priced, though i've also spotted a Boa Hancock Portraits of Pirates figure in my friend's photos...So that would take top priority in purchases. xD

As i mentioned check out for a full review and to see some more images of the figure, if i see anything SNKP related i'll try to get some photos tomorrow.

[Edit]: Just noticed on Playasia there was a Cham Cham figure released as part of the Queen's Gate figures series as well.

[Edit 2]: Ended up not buying this figure unfortunately, it was a nice price at £40 but i couldn't afford it after buying the Boa Hancock figure. :(

Hopefully i'll be able to find it again (and maybe even cheaper) when i go to Japan.

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