Thursday, 28 July 2011

RisingStarGames - Official KOFXIII Trailer (NEW STAGES!!)

Something i missed on first glance on the RSG official KOFXIII website is this new trailer showing off what i think may be the console intro movie, and you can catch a small glimpse of some of the new stages.

One thing i did notice in the video is the Kyokugendo gym stage the background looks static...I hope that this is just an early in development version of the stage, as it would be a shame for the background to be static.

Also notice one of the new stages looks like it might possibly be Adelheid's stage???

[Edit]: Also special thanks to Evil Yagami for pointing out the trailer to me!


  1. Check the new stage !!

  2. I forgot according to orochinagi color edit will be in the game


  3. I really don't think that the stages are an indication of who's going to be in the game and whatnot, in fact I get the feeling that Adel is gonna be just standing there ogling at Rose's bosom while she plays the piano instead of being playable.

  4. The new stages look great, i hope they actually have some animation in them though.

  5. It would be a shame if Adel is not in the game, bit of a mystery too.