Thursday, 28 July 2011

RisingStarGames Opens Official KOFXIII Website

RisingStarGames has now opened up an official site for KOFXIII, which finally confirms the publisher for Europe, however no set release date other than a vague Winter 2011.

RisingStarGames have also published Samurai Shodown Sen in the past so it seems they are happily continuing to work with SNKP.

A good thing about this is that RSG tend to always have a booth at events like the MCM Expo, with the next one in October, hopefully they will have some sort of public event there to the lead up to release.

Also worth checking out is the background image, which i believe is all new artwork (at least i haven't seen it before), it would be great to see something this nice on the final boxart.

Anyway check out the RSG website for more details.

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  1. Check the new trailer