Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Saiki To Be In Console Version Of XIII ? / Blog Updates (4/7/11)

Just saw this over on Orochinagi just now, that apparently someone over in France has already gotten their hands on the debug version of KOFXIII and is saying that Saiki will be playable on the console version.

Although we already know Saiki is in the game, what this person is saying is that it will be the non muscular red boss version...So maybe a palette/head swap of Ash ?

Also apparently he is reporting that there is also a HD version/update of the Esaka stage from KOF96.

So...With possibly 2 playable versions of Ash, and possibly 2 versions of Iori...All we need now is the Kyo clone trio...xD

Check out the original post (in French) for more details. 

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  1. I think that the comment was about "human Saiki being in the game", as you pointed out, it was him being an Ash palette swap with some really unorthodox moves.

    BTW if you force your memory, you'll notice that human Saiki has face portraits for when he was in the VS screen, and they were shown when SNK was doing the countdown to the game, he was the last character to appear and gave comments (I think he isn't even in the mook in his human form).

    .... It's a convincing rumour, at least

  2. I'm sure thay guy also mentioned the big bang billy stage and the betty garden new stage on that debug version

  3. I hope he does have a new moveset, and will be tournament worthy. The more playable characters the better.

    I'm really excited about the news so far, it's been a long wait, but with all the work they've put into the console version it seems like it will have been worth it.

    I'm loving the new stages as well, quite possibly the best backgrounds i've seen in any recent fighting game for a long time.

  4. If we got kof xiii back in 2009, snkp would have set quality standard we loved. Kof xiii is definetelly a gem for its time, the atmosphere is so lively, the colors are vibrant and the painstaking detail they put in this should be taken to account when a new 2d fighting is made.

    I was hoping for the red saiki to be playable, but if regular saiki have a unique move set from ash all is right, Snkp always know how to surprise the fans with unique characters to the al ready memorable cast.

  5. Definitely, i think SNKP shot themselves in the foot a bit by releasing XII as an unfinished game but the way this has turned out so far i'm hoping all can and will be forgiven.

    I know alot of people complained about the pixelated look of XII's zoom, but i think the level of quality and standard of the sprites is much higher than anything else out there now.

    Honestly i hope this game does well within the fighting game community. It deserves it.