Saturday, 30 July 2011

Shiranui Mai Bootleg Figure

As i mentioned previously i bought the Max Factory 1/6 Scale Shiranui Mai figure for fairly cheap from eBay recently, it arrived yesterday and turns out my post buying concern about it being a bootleg came true.

Not too sure why i never gave it a second thought about it being a bootleg, as i'm usually quite careful about these things, but i'll just accept it as my loss.

The figure, although looks similar to the original, has a very cheap overall look to it.
Firstly the skin tone between the figure's body is slightly different between the top and bottom halves, the legs are slightly darker, and slightly shinier compared to a quality made figure.

I'm not sure if any of you guys collect figures but there's a fairly distinctive look to bootleg figures, where the paint and quality of plastic looks of a lower quality, and this one fits the mould. (No pun intended.)

Even simple things like the pegs at the base of the figure do not even insert correctly into the figure's feet...

It was a little disappointing, more than anything i'm more disappointed in myself for getting tricked by a bootleg, though at least i can have it on display and not worry too much about it becoming smoke stained like my other figures have. xD

The thing that was most silly about buying it was that i'm actually aware of bootlegs of this figure, after having seen one in Hong Kong a couple of years back, but at least it was a lesson to stay more alert to bootlegs in the future.

Anyway i've taken some photos of the figure, and hopefully it'll help others out there from avoiding bootlegs of this.

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